Pixorial’s Mobile Video-Sharing App Adds Real-Time Filters To Take On Socialcam And Viddy

It wasn’t too long ago that Pixorial made the jump from being an online video sharing service to rolling out its own social, mobile video applications. Now, in its race to take on the competition and try to become the “Instagram for video,” Pixorial has added a few new features to its app, including filters that let users spice up their videos in real-time.

With the new Pixorial iPhone app, users can choose from up to 17 different real-time filters to augment their videos. They include filters like Sepia, Blur, Sketch, and Grayscale, which apply the effects while the user shoots the video. While the filters are a neat way for users to differentiate their videos, it’s also a way for Pixorial to make money through in-app purchasing. The first five video filters are free, but additional filters available for purchase at the price of $1 for a pack of six.

Pixorial got its start on the web, and so users of the mobile app will be able to access their video libraries from either the iPhone or their web browser. And as with other mobile video apps, there’s a social component that will allow them to send videos out to be viewed by friends on a variety of social networks and publishing platforms, including YouTube, Blogger, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

All of that is pretty standard, and I should point out that there are a ton of mobile video apps that already do real-time filters. Like Socialcam, which first introduced the capability last October. But one big differentiator Pixorial does have is that it actively encourages private sharing of videos, for when you don’t want everyone to see your toddler’s first steps or your embarrassing karaoke singing. The app’s “share to crowd” feature lets users email videos out just to individual friends and family. The email provides a private link, where users can watch video from. It’s also a pretty decent user conversion tool, since they have to sign in to view private videos.

The other big upgrade in the latest version of the Pixorial app is behind the scenes, but improves the overall experience. That includes a performance upgrade that will provide wide-screen viewing of videos and faster processing of videos uploaded to the web platform.

Author’s Note: So there are a whole bunch of mobile video apps, and it’s a big crowded space, and everyone’s hoping that they can catch a little bit of that Instagram magic and translate it into a big, video-based payout. Will one win out and beat all the others? Maybe… but I’m personally a little skeptical. That’s not to say that someone won’t figure out a business model behind the whole thing, but I get the feeling the winner of the social/mobile/video sweepstakes will look totally different from what we’ve seen so far.