Bad Guys, Prepare Yourself For The ReconRobotics Throwbot XT Reconnaissance Robot

If you’re anything like me, a seasoned veteran of all things CSI, Dexter and GI Joe, you understand the value in a discreet robotic camera such as the ReconRobotics Throwbot XT Reconnaissance Robot. The presser describes the Throwbot XT as a throwable, mobile micro-robot — I’ll just say the robot is awesome. This little robot can pipe live audio and video to the good guys ready to save the day.

Unfortunately the Throwbot XT isn’t coming to a Walmart near you. This little guy is meant for real work and not for keeping an eye on the cat. It’s designed to provide audio and video reconnaissance to military and SWAT teams. The robot itself only weights 1.2lbs and can survive a 120 feet throw. ReconRobots states it’s “exceptionally quiet” and thanks to an automatic infrared optical system, it can provide surveillance even in complete darkness. The capture media is feed wirelessly to the handheld Operator Control Unit II.

No word on pricing or availability, but it really doesn’t matter. You probably need a DoD or NYPD credit card to order one anyway.