Facebook’s Mobile Power: 83M People And 134M Clicks To iOS Apps In May, Plus Top Leaderboard Spots

It’s been anecdotally clear for months now, but Facebook has indeed found a place within mobile developer ecosystems. Today at its App Center launch, the company said it had sent 83 million unique users to Apple’s App Store and a total of 134 million clicks to iOS apps over the course of the last month. Meanwhile, seven of the top ten iOS apps and six of the top ten Android apps in May had some form of Facebook integration.

We’ve been covering a few of these apps over the course of the last year. Walkie-talkie app Voxer, for example, launched on Android last fall and used Facebook integration to help tie all of its users’ identities together across both operating systems. It has since become a leader in its space. More recently, Viddy and Socialcam have harnessed sharing into Facebook’s news feed to gain surprising new growth (albeit in a form that many have found to be spammy).

The real question, as Kim-Mai addresses in her analysis of the launch, is how Facebook is going to make money off of all these native users. Perhaps it has figured something out here as part of its forthcoming integration with Apple?