Amazon Latest To Start Selling The Nest Learning Thermostat

Never minding the legal wranglings with Honeywell, Nest Labs is on a roll lately and just announced Amazon as the latest retailer to sell the Nest Learning Thermostat. This follows similar announcements concerning Lowes and the Apple Store. Amazon is currently selling the product at its full $249 MSRP, but it is available through Prime, making it a little better deal than from other retailers.

This is a big move for Nest Labs. It’s also somewhat surprising that it took so long. The Nest Learning Thermostat launched late last year. As Nest notes in today’s announcement, there are 65 million people who use Amazon regularly. Personally, I check Amazon for any product before turning to other retailers.

At $249 the Nest Learning Thermostat is a bit pricey. It’s a hard sell even with the company’s promise that it will reduce a person’s utility bill thanks to its learning functionality and motion sensors. It’s no doubt disruptive enough to capture the attention of Honeywell’s legal hounds, which are currently arguing the thermostat is infringing on seven of its patents related to its thermostat technology and design. But this nonsense hasn’t stopped Nest Labs — at least not yet.