DJ Software Specialist Algoriddim Brings Video To The Turntable With vjay iPad App

DJ software specialist Algoriddim has come out with a new app for the iPad, and man is it cool. The company already makes the incredibly popular djay app, which has been a mainstay for Mac-, iPad-, and iPhone-equipped DJs over the years. But its new vjay app adds a whole new visual element to the process of DJing, allowing users to easily create, remix, and share their own music videos.

All of Algoriddim’s apps work by hooking up with users’ iTunes libraries, allowing them to instantly begin spinning and remixing tunes. The new vjay app takes that a step further — users can now mix and match any song or music video that they have purchased in their iTunes libraries, along with videos that they’ve shot.

It works with all the same touch-screen controls as previous Algoriddim iOS apps, syncing up audio and video tracks and allowing users to use multiple effects, looping tools, and video scratching, while also leveraging real-time transitions between videos. While mixing, users can plug into a TV with an adapter and show off their video mixes in real-time, stream to Apple TV via AirPlay, or record their mixes, save them, and share them.

The app costs $9.99 and is available now. And you don’t even need any of your own videos to get you started (although it’s highly encouraged). To help, Algoriddim has pre-bundled songs and music videos from a couple of creative artists.

Anyway, I hope I’ve made it sound cool, but the truth is, words just don’t do the app justice. So check out this TechCrunch TV video I did, in which Algoriddim CEO Karim Morsy shows off all the cool things you can do with the app: