Cheapskates Rejoice: Amazon Wireless Is Selling Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus For A Penny

There’s no better way to kick off the day than with a wicked phone deal (that’s how I’ve always looked at it, anyway), and the folks Amazon Wireless have a real winner lined up for today. After a few false starts, Amazon Wireless revealed that they would sell the Galaxy Nexus with a two-year contract to new Verizon customers for the low, low price of $0.01.

Not shabby at all, considering that the Galaxy Nexus is still one of the best Ice Cream Sandwich devices on the market (not to mention one of the few that leaves ICS untouched). The lowest I’ve been able to find so far this morning ia $49 for a new Verizon customer on WireFly — still great compared to the $299 price tag the device launched with, but nabbing a Galaxy Nexus for a penny is awfully tempting.

And hey, now may be the perfect time to bite the bullet. Verizon has recently revealed that the second coming of their 4G double data promotion — the one that nets you 4GB of monthly web access for $30 instead of the usual 2GB — will end today. With their new shared data plans expected to launch any time now, this may br your last chance to lay claim to a free data plan bump for a while, so get cracking if you’ve been mulling a switch to Verizon.

Of course, I can’t blame you if you would rather hold out for something like the Galaxy S III — the country’s largest carrier is slated to start taking pre-orders tomorrow. The clock is ticking folks, and at least a few of you have some serious decision-making to do.