Any.DO’s To-Do List App Hits 100,000 iOS Downloads In 24 Hours

How hot are to-do lists? Quite hot, apparently. After Sunday’s launch of the popular Android to-do list app Any.DO on iOS and web, co-founder and CEO Omer Perchik tells us that download numbers are exploding. Try this number on for size: Any.DO saw 100,000 downloads of its iOS application in just 24 hours. And this is without the app being featured by Apple, he says.

In addition to the download numbers, Perchik says that iPhone users created over 500,000 tasks using the free app just yesterday. (Wow, you guys are busy! I only have one thing on my to-do list:”blog.”)

For background, the company behind Any.DO is the same that built another popular Android to-do list app called Taskos, which reached a million downloads, despite having been created “for research purposes” only. While Perchik won’t reveal Any.DO’s Android download numbers specifically, the company reports it’s in the “millions.” However, the Android version reached half a million downloads in its first 30 days, the company had previously reported.

Any.DO is backed by Eric Schmidt’s Innovation EndeavorsBlumberg CapitalGenesis PartnersPalantir’s Joe LonsdaleFelicis Ventures (Aydin Senkut) and Brian Koo (and is the process of raising right now). The investor line up hints that the team might have bigger plans than simple to-do list management. In fact, the company previously stated that they’re working towards a more intelligent system for helping people “actually get things done.” Hmm. Perchik says that the next version of the app will begin to reveal what some of those new tricks may be, teasing that it will include “more intelligent and more interesting things.” Stay tuned.

Any.DO’s free app is now available for iOS, Android and Chrome, the latter as either and extension or Chrome Web App. (One note – just be careful to grab the right one in iOS – someone else is also using the “AnyDo” name. The correct iOS app is here).