Khosla Ventures Raising Money For New Seed Fund, SEC Filing Says

Looks like the seed funding wave continues to get stronger. The latest evidence: Khosla Ventures, the Silicon Valley venture capital firm headed up by tech industry veteran Vinod Khosla, appears to be raising a new seed fund, according to regulatory documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission this afternoon.

According to the filing, the new fund is called “Khosla Ventures Seed B.” At the moment, details are very scarce: No money has been raised just yet, the filing says, and there is no maximum or minimum amount ascribed to the offering.

Khosla Ventures’ last seed-related fund raise was closed in January 2010, when the firm raised $300 million for a fund called “Khosla Ventures Seed.” This past fall, the firm raised $1 billion for its more general venture fund, Khosla Ventures IV.

Want to eventually get a piece of Khosla’s newest seed fund? Here’s what the firm’s website says it looks for in its earliest stage investments:

At the seed stage, what we’re really looking for is a crazy idea that may have a significantly non-zero chance of working. We want good teams. We don’t need complete teams or even complete plans, but the key technology risks of your approach—and the economic and market benefits if it is successful—need to be identified. From a seed perspective, planning for risk elimination at the lowest possible cost is the key variable we look for. Your seed plan should validate your hunches about the market and help you decide what market segment you want to enter.

We’ve reached out to the folks at Khosla Ventures for more details on the raise, and will report back with any additional information we receive.