Samsung’s S Voice Agrees With Siri, Declares A Windows Phone As The Best Smartphone

It was written off as a glitch in the Matrix and quickly fixed when Apple’s Siri proclaimed that the Lumia 900 Windows Phone was the best smartphone available. Now, just a few weeks later, Samsung’s S Voice digital assistant points to HTC’s Trophy Windows Phone as the top smartphone. Coincidence? Perhaps. But it’s also possible that the computers are trying to tell us something…

Far from being artificial intelligence, Samsung and Apple’s digital assistants are simply a voice interface to certain web portals. In Siri’s case, she (it?) looked to Wolfram Alpha to decide the top smartphone. Wolfgram Alpha then queued up Best Buy’s user ratings, delivering the result of the Lumia 900 as the best smartphone a few weeks ago. Similarly, Samsung’s S Voice looked directly at Best Buy’s user rating, which now lists the HTC Trophy as the top smartphone (the Lumia is now #4 on the list). Of course these results are a bit tongue in check but there is still a lot of truth here.

Windows Phone is generally considered to be a solid performer. Users love the simple, to-the-point interface. The hardware in the Lumia 900 and HTC Trophy are equally impressive. Siri and S Voice are right: Windows Phones are serious contenders in today’s smartphone wars.