OnSwipe Heads To The iPhone, Launches Layout Personalization With OnSwipe Draft

OnSwipe’s been around for a little over a year, and since raised a total of $6 million in funding and launched content recommendations within its HTML5 tablet publishing network. But just as tablets are entering into mainstream territory, people are now entirely comfortable consuming long-form content on their even-smaller iPhone.

That said, publishers who don’t want to build out an app will now have a new tool to display iPhone-optimized content to folks on-the-go.

OnSwipe for iPhone essentially lets publishers, both big-name sites like TechCrunch (for example) or a smaller Tumblr-er, beautify their site by pairing high-res imagery and touch interactions (just like their tablet-centric publishing platform) to create a smoother web experience for readers. In fact, all of the features of OnSwipe’s tablet publishing [WHO USES ONSWIPE?] tool have migrated to the iPhone version, including favorites, recommendations, and content categories. Publishers can also brand their OnSwipe iPhone web app by adding accent color and logo.

But the iPhone publisher isn’t the only feature the company is launching today.

OnSwipe Draft is a web-based layout editor and IDE for devs and publishers to personalize their own layouts. And you may have noticed me drop in the word “Favorites” up there, which, if you’re familiar with OnSwipe, should sound new.

The feature will allow readers to favorite content across all of OnSwipe’s publishing partners, complete with social integration. The feature uses Facebook connect, so any favorited content will be available to your friend network and vice versa. This means users will have a trove of their favorite content, regardless of publisher, and be able to see friends’ favorited content, as well.

Check out OnSwipe’s Draft tool in action below: