Cookoo: Move Over, Pebble, There’s A New E-Watch In Town

Although I seriously doubt these things will take off into the stratosphere like the Pebble, the Cookoo watch on Kickstarter has already hit $120,000 on a $150,000 target, placing it up with the big boys in the crowdsourcing race. The Cookoo is essentially an e-ink watch with a few wireless tricks up its sleeve – namely Bluetooth connectivity that will notify you when you have messages, etc.

The watch costs $80 and is far less complex than the Pebble. The watch uses a small CR2032 battery and doesn’t need to be recharged. The best thing? It has a single button on it that can be used to trigger various functions including Facebook checkins, photo taking, and location tagging.

You can also press the Cookoo’s button to find your phone when you’ve lost it.

Now look: I don’t think any of these smart watches are any good, but this one (and the Pebble) look to be the closest to something the general consumer would enjoy using. Wearable tech is hard and getting to work well with everyone’s phone is harder. Time will tell.

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