That’s Amore: Has Apple Bought Italian Music Editing Startup Redmatica?

Everyone is focused on what hardware product Apple might launch next, but out of Italy comes reported news of a software development: the company has bought Redmatica, a small startup that specializes in digital music-editing apps.

The news was reported by the Italian blog Fanpage, which also did some sleuthing to dig up a document from the Italian communications regulator AGCOM that seems to prove it — although we have also reached out to Apple for direct confirmation.

Redmatica specializes in developing and selling software for digital music editing.

Its main product is a piece of software called Keymap Pro (screen shot pictured here) an editor for sampled instruments, but its site lists four products in total — all designed to run on the Mac.

Apple, meanwhile, has its own musician-focused software, in the form of Logic Pro (and the hugely popular GarageBand for more casual and/or poor music makers).

It may be that Apple is looking at an aqui-hire situation to help beef up those offerings, or to incorporate some of that software into its existing products.

Fanpage notes that revenues at Redmatica were at less than €100,000 per year, with income of €26,000.

We have contacted Apple for confirmation of this deal and will update as we learn more.