Here’s Johnny! SkySQL Raises Another $2.5M To Give Oracle Nightmares

SkySQL plans to be something of a thorn in Oracle’s side. As you’ll recall MySQL, which as a free database platform annoyed Oracle, was sold to Sun and then Oracle bought Sun. That was supposed to keep a lid on things. Now with MySQL under its wing, Oracle plans to move those MySQL users over to Oracle databases in due course. But it can’t push things too hard due to EU competition rules in place for the next five years. So guess what? That gives SkySQL – backed previously by the former founders of MySQL – a window to come back and start re-supporting all those dedicated die-hard Sun/MySQL fans. They’re baaack…..

And to do it they’ve raised an additional €2 million in Series A funding from California Technology Ventures, LLC (CTV). This takes SkySQL’s war chest to €6 million and will mean they can expand their business supporting existing MySQL users.

At the same time they’ve brought in Patrik Sallner as new CEO, who was previously VP of Professional Services at F-Secure Corporation which delivered cloud storage solutions to large telcos. Ulf Sandberg, current CEO at SkySQL, will now move to head up the U.S. operation as President of SkySQL Inc.

Admittedly SkySQL has mainly a service business right now, serving old MySQL customers in much the same way that RedHat services Linux customers.

But they plan to put in place a Cloud based product (yes, they will turn into a platform startup) which will gradually take on the heavy lifting and provide an alternative migration path to people who don’t want Oracle.

This is one to watch. And watch Oracle get redder in the face as the years tick by…