Trivia Party, The Draw Something Of Little Known Facts, Hits 10,000 Questions Answered

We first met the folks from Lamp Lighter at an NYC office hours session, and just as we expected, their app Trivia Party is doing swimmingly in the App Store.

After a week of availability, the app has already made its way into the Top 100 zone within the trivia category, and tallied more than 10,000 questions answered.

It shouldn’t be too surprising, either. Trivia Party is a comfortable mix between a standard trivia night out at a bar, and the social gaming format of Draw Something. You simply choose a Facebook friend or random opponent, and select a category like Entertainment, Sports, or General Knowledge. From there, you choose your difficulty level, just like in Draw Something.

There are helpful tools like 50/50 (which eliminates two of the four possible answers), hint (self-explanatory), and pass-back (which shoots that question back to your opponent). You’re awarded more points for answering difficult questions, and the person with the most points by the time that someone misses five questions wins.

The app is still brand new, but some helpful functionality like playing against phone book contacts, sharing questions on Facebook, and a leaderboard for both friends and all players, is currently in the works and should debut soon. If you want to get in on the Trivia Party, head on over to the App Store or Google Play for a free download.

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