Inventory Management Startup Stitch Labs Now Offers Shipping Through ShipStation

Founded on the premise of making it easier for independent creators to interact with their customers, Stitch Labs launched to offer a cloud-based solution for small businesses that wish to manage CRM, product orders, and inventory management. Now it’s taking that a step further by helping SMBs complete the full cycle of sales transactions through an integration with Austin-based startup ShipStation to handle shipping and order fulfillment for customers.

Stitch wants to be the connective tissue between multiple sales sites and platforms, giving independent designers, makers, and manufacturers the ability to reach customers and manage supply and demand regardless of where they sold their goods. Since most of those businesses sell across multiple channels, Stitch allows them to manage inventory across all of them. To do that, it has integrated with major sales platforms such as Etsy, Shopify, and BigCommerce, allowing customers to sell across multiple sites.

Now through its partnership with ShipStation, Stitch Labs will help SMBs close the loop with customers, taking them all the way through shipping and order fulfillment. While Stitch handles all the inventory management for its customers, ShipStation will ensure that products get to SMBs’ end-customers.

Shipping options through ShipStation include FedEx, UPS, and USPS, depending on how soon products are needed and how much customers want to pay for shipping. ShipStation will also handle stuff like order import and batch label creation, as well as customer communication around tracking numbers and the like.

Stitch Labs just raised a $1 million seed investment from True Ventures in February. It’s been using that money to grow headcount, which has increased (see below) from the four cofounders to six full-time employees, with another two interns. It also plans to add even more shopping cart and marketplace integrations as time goes on.

From L to R: Robert Navarro (Lead Back-End Developer), Brandon Levey (CEO/Developer), Michelle Laham (Designer), Willo O’Brien (VP Marketing), Jared Fleitman (Data Analyst), Jake Gasaway (Director of Business Development), Camille Brenkwitz (Marketing/Community)