Interactive Outdoor Ad Startup smartDIGITAL Raises $2.7M

smartDIGITAL, a startup that makes interactive ad displays, has raised $2.7 million in a Series A round of funding.

smartDIGITAL displays are already available in Chicago and Miami, says co-founder and CEO George Burciaga, with plans to roll them out to 10 markets over the next 36 months. They’re essentially large kiosks with multi-touch screens that allow consumers to interact with an ad rather than simply staring at it as they walk or drive by. The goal, Burciaga says, is to “inspire them to do something” — whether it’s sharing a photo, purchasing a Groupon deal (yes, Groupon is a partner), or emailing something to their phone. That means the consumer is more engaged, and it also means the advertiser has a better idea about whether their ads are actually working.

And the early results are impressive. Thus far, Burciaga says the smartDIGITAL kiosks are usually active 6.5 hours a day. There are usually three people in front of the kiosk during an interaction, and they access an average of four services over a three-minute period.

The next step, Burciaga says, is to roll out a full product line called Elevate Digital, which include wall and glass displays for both indoor and outdoor installations, all with “the same core application.” It sounds like smartDIGITAL will be shifting its branding as well — so over time, expect to hear more about Elevate and less about smartDIGITAL.

The round was led by Advantage Capital Partners. Metropolitan Capital Bank also invested.