App Update: Now Split Transactions iOS users now have the ability to create and (more importantly) edit budgets directly on their iPad/iPhone. Previously, editing functionality was only available at the main Mint website. Additionally, users can also split transactions, giving them a better more granular look at their financial picture.

The main thrust of this update includes:

  • Create and edit a budget while out and about: Set up budgets from your iPad or iPhone and edit them — wherever and whenever you want. Also, the new budget slider lets you set more realistic budgets in increments for more control of your finances.
  • Split transactions: Shopping for multiple things from different budgets at one store. Get a more accurate view of your spending by easily separating out purchases from one transaction into different categories, right on your mobile device.

I’m sort of a fan of the later update enabling the splitting and categorization of purchases. I’m somewhat concrete in how I manage my finances, and can really appreciate being able to categorize individual purchases from the same merchant. I would find great utility in that functionality.

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