How to Get Involved With The White House Digital Road Map

President Obama’s technology advisors are looking for some “kick ass” fellows to work on the White House’s new digital road map for open government.

Announced on stage at Disrupt 2012, CTO Todd Park and CIO Steven VanRoekel detailed five new projects, each which will need a team of open government geeks to help move forward. You can view the first part of the application process here.

So, what are they looking for? Park told the audience that he’s looking for the first 5 people one would want to begin a startup with: a mix of people with technical expertise, an accomplished history, and a passion for disruption. Technical skills for some team members are definitely important (UI/UX experience, coding, etc). But, a history of causing some type of disruption is definitely key. If you’ve managed to make your industry more transparent, participatory, or collaborative, definitely indicate that on the second round application (which will be later emailed to applicants). Last, a passion for using technology for social change, especially open data, should probably make its way into the application.

Park and VanRoekel are also interested in working with entrepreneurs outside of the fellows program. For instance, in June, Park will help with a health care “datapalooza“, which will feature companies that leverage the new government data. Entrepreneurs can also follow Park and VanRoekel on Twitter for upcoming news, and @reply them with great ideas. Good luck to all of the applicants and entrepreneurs, and keep TechCrunch updated if you develop any great products related to open data.