Talkdesk Puts Your Company Call Center In The Cloud

Most businesses need to be able keep in touch with their customers and provide customer service over the phone, but rolling out a call center can be expensive. Not just that, but most call center software today isn’t very good at keeping tabs on customers and presenting all the information that businesses need to serve them better. That’s why Talkdesk is launching its cloud-based call center software Tuesday as part of the Startup Battlefield at TechCrunch Disrupt.

The startup enables call agents to know everything about customers when they call, based on reverse lookup of the customer’s phone number, without having to ask for their information. It also integrates with the existing CRM systems that companies use, such as SalesForce, as well as helpdesk software like ZenDesk and But it also hooks into Twitter and Facebook to find public information about customers from social networks.

Not only does Talkdesk handle CRM and help desk features, but it also allows agents to make, receive, record and transcribe calls. It gives a history of the customers’ previous interactions, including items purchased and searched, the amount of money spent, and previous calls made. Since the service operates in the cloud, all of this information is available in the agent’s web browser when a customer calls.

Talkdesk is based on Twilio technology, and was founded as part of the Twilio Fund contest last year. Launching today, Talkdesk is making its cloud-based call center software generally available to anyone who wants to sign up. Because of its cloud-based infrastructure, businesses can sign up in less than five minutes.

Talkdesk was part of last summer’s 500 Startups Accelerator class, and has raised $450,000 to date. It has three employees, based in Mountain View, Calif.

Disrupt Q&A

Q: What are the things that company buying your product gets ROI?

A: When you use Talkdesk, you have all the information about the customer, and you can quickly answer problems and make suggestions.

Q: Do people replace existing software, or layering on top?

A: Customers we have now don’t have call center software.

Q: Regulatory issues from recording phone conversations?

A: You have to tell the person, but you can add information before someone answers the call.

Q: Pick one customer and explain the use case?

A: Chevy, for example, using for support and one for sales. They have two numbers, and can see all information about the customer.

Q: What would a customer use instead?

A: In the example of Chevy, they have big call centers, but nothing for this type of solution. Out goal is to eventually to go big in the enterprise.

Q: Price points?

A: First agent is free always. So customer tries one agent, and then expand. We charge $49 per month per agent.

Q: A lot of your focus is on the telephony side of things and that’s important, but a lot is moving to social media.

A: For now, we are only voice, but integrate with email systems like ZenDesk. But the phone is still the main avenue of conversation for all businesses.