Ready To Talk FB? Social Finance Site TradingView Debuts Real-Time Chat

Social finance site TradingView, which launched in September of last year, is rolling out a new feature just in time for the Facebook IPO (c’mon, you knew there would have to be at least one story about “just in time for the Facebook IPO” today, right?). But anyway, this one seems relevant at least: TradingView is launching interactive real-time chatting on its site, which lets users talk about stocks in a slightly more private forum than Twitter.

The site, for those unfamiliar, was created by trading software company MultiCharts, a company that, as the name implies, is all about charts and graphs. TradingView, then, aims to make those stock charts more social. Users can create and share charts, follow charts, comment on them, post them to Twitter or embed them on websites.

The new real-time chat feature will be stock-specific, letting users view and join discussions related to the stock (cough FB cough) they’re interested in. When you scroll over a company on your watch list, you’ll see the live chat window for that symbol right next to the live stock chart.

If you want to try this feature out, be warned: you’ll be a beta tester. The feature is so new that it hasn’t even made its way to the production servers yet. Instead, you’ll need to log in to: (don’t worry about that browser warning, it’s OK).

Then use the username “tradingview” and password “tview24”. Wonder if it will crash?