Facebook Quietly Launches Pages Manager iOS App, But You Probably Can’t Use It Yet

Carefully cultivating your Facebook presence can be tough enough when you only have your personal profile to deal with, but it’s a completely different story when you’ve got a full-blown Page (or three) to manage on top of it.

To help those particular users stay on top of things, Facebook has begun to roll out a new app (called, imaginatively enough, Pages Manager) in a small handful of markets, though we in the U.S. can’t play with it just yet.

As far as the design goes, the Pages Manager app should be familiar territory for anyone who’s ever used the standard iOS app, though a few thoughtful additions make the prospect of keeping tabs on multiple Pages a little less hairy. All of the Pages a user has admin rights to can be accessed from the app’s left pane for quick access, and those admins will get notifications whenever a user interacts with a Page under their purview.

Thankfully, notifications can be handled on a Page-by-Page basis, so it’s easy to enough tune out trolls if need be. Perhaps most importantly, the app allows provides on-the-go access to Page Insights — the metrics that track Page performance and user engagement through likes — so admins will always have an idea of where they stand.

For now, it seems as though only users in Australia and New Zealand can access the new Pages Manager app in the App Store, though SiliconRepublic reports that it’s slowly becoming available to users in Ireland as well. No news yet on whether or not an Android version is coming down the pipeline, though considering the slow-and-steady approach they’re taking with this early iOS release, it may be a while before we see it making the rounds.