How Personal Capital Wants To Bring Money Management Into The Internet Age [TCTV]

It’s been amazing how technology-enabled aggregation can make certain things in life so much easier — spaces such such as travel planning, real estate searching, and news reading come to mind. But when it comes to the financial space, that disruption hasn’t quite happened yet. Most of us have a retirement account here, a checking and savings account there, a credit card or two somewhere else, and so on. And we still deal with each one on its own. Getting one picture of your entire financial portfolio is not a very common thing.

That’s where Personal Capital wants to come in. The company, which launched last year, provides a suite of software aimed at helping people manage their investments, banking and personal finances — no matter where they are — through one central suite of web and mobile apps. Personal Capital is supported by some real industry weight: Its CEO and founder is Bill Harris, who was the longtime chief exec at Intuit, and thus far the company has taken on $27 million in venture capital funding. Earlier this month Personal Captial was named “Best In Show” at the FinovateSpring, a conference in San Francisco focused on all things financial and technology related, so it certainly seems to be onto something big.

So when Personal Capital put out its first iPhone app last week, we asked Harris and product VP Jim Del Favero to stop by TechCrunch TV and give us a hands-on look at the service. Watch the video above to hear about why it’s a good thing to show your “entire financial life” in one place, how Personal Capital is different from other financial software providers such as Mint and SigFig, why people about to cash in through the Facebook IPO should manage their money in a modern way, and more.