Techies: Got Questions For SF Mayor Ed Lee? Join Him (And Me) On Google+

Over the past few months, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee has become a familiar face at local startup events — whether it’s at the Crunchie Awards, the opening of Dropbox’s new office, or the NewMe Accelerator Demo Day, where he was interviewed by Colleen Taylor (to name a few). Now he’s offering the tech community a chance to weigh in on the city budget.

Mayor Lee has already held a number of town hall meetings to discuss the budget, but if you’re working startup hours, those can be hard to get to. So following the lead of President Obama, Mayor Lee is jumping on Google+ to get your perspective.

You may be thinking that a city budget meeting sounds yawn-worthy. Here’s the thing: If you live and work in San Francisco, as I do, then budget decisions can have a big impact on the services that you rely on. So this is your chance to be heard.

The Google+ Hangout will begin at noon Pacific today. You can watch a livestream of the Hangout on Google+ or YouTube. We’ll have live questions from members of The Hub, but I’ll also be taking questions and comments via Twitter. You can weigh in about the budget, about how the city works with the tech community, and anything else. Just use the hashtag #ASKMEL.