Market Research Startup EyeTrackShop Raises $3M

EyeTrackShop, a startup that develops eye-tracking technology for measuring ad effectiveness, has raised $3 million in Series A funding from Northzone.

The company says its technology works through a regular webcam, allowing market researchers to gather data quickly and affordably. You can run the test before you spend money on a campaign, or test how well the advertising works once it’s live, and how it performed in different formats and sites. Customers include big tech companies such as Google, AOL, and Microsoft, as well as P&G and JCDeacaux.

One of the other features touted on the EyeTrackShop site is the ability to test advertising in multiple countries simultaneously. The company says it will use the new money on international expansion, and on product development, too.

EyeTrackShop spun out of eye-tracking company Tobii Technologies in 2010.

A Y Combinator-backed startup called GazeHawk was trying to accomplish something similar, but its team was acquired by Facebook in March, and it looks like the GazeHawk product (which was not acquired) remains in limbo.