The Art. Lebedev Bulavkas Pairs 4GB Of Flash Storage And A Safety Pin

Sometimes you just need to clip some files to a document. In that thought Art. Lebedev Studios, makers of their infamous OLED keyboard first shown in 2006, created the Bulavkas flash drive, which can literally clip 4GB of data onto a document thanks to its safety pin design. Clever, eh.

Admittedly this idea isn’t exactly novel. Big name storage companies have toyed with this idea for years, creating gobs of similar products albeit with cheap plastic clips. But Art. Lebedev studios is anything but cheap. The Optimus Maximus keyboard from 2005 still costs $2000. As the Bulavkas’ product page details, a lot of design work went into this diminutive flash drive. No price was given but after seeing the work that went into this guy, it’s probably safe to say that it’s headed to market.

Sure, you can probably find a 4GB flash sitting abandoned on the R train, but this guy means business in a sort of unique way. I for one look forward to the day that I can literally pin my son’s homework to his shirt and send him off to school — until he forgets it at school, leaving me a tad upset that I entrusted my 5-year old with an expensive flash drive.