Sprint’s ‘Tri-Fi’ Mobile Hotspot Plays Nice With 3G, WiMax, And LTE

Talk about covering your bases. In addition to outing the EVO 4G LTE’s release date, Sprint (along with hardware partner Sierra Wireless) has pulled back the curtains on their new Tri-Fi mobile hotspot, which the carrier will launch for $99 after a mail-in rebate on May 18.

Hotspots aren’t usually the most interesting things to write about — either they do a good job hooking you up to a carrier’s wireless network or they don’t — but Sprint’s Tri-Fi has a little something else going for it. If you haven’t yet guessed from the name, the Tri-Fi allows Sprint customers to use any of the carrier’s three wireless network technologies to bask in the glow of the internet on-the-go.

Up to eight people can jump onto the Tri-Fi at any given time — that is, if you’re alright having 7 other people mooching off of your data plan. On top of that, the truly bored can pop a microSD full of goodies into the Tri-Fi to share files with other users sharing that internet connection. The Tri-Fi is definitely worth a second look for Sprint customers in dire need of access to cat videos at the drop of a hat, and right now it’s the only option available for those looking to hedge their bets when it comes to Sprint’s network plans.