LittleBigPlanet For The PS Vita To Enter Beta Soon

Three months after launching the PS Vita is still a hard sale. There simply isn’t a killer title yet. Uncharted: Golden Abyss is boring, the racing games fall flat, and the best game so far, Ninja Gaiden, is tepid at best. Worst yet, several of the Vita’s relatively strong titles are simply ports of smartphone games. In the age of $5 iPad games, spending $50 on a port is downright ludicrous.

Sackboy and LittleBigPlanet might be the ace the the PS Vita so desperately need. And it’s about to hit beta.

Sony just posted the details on its Playstation blog. While no exact dates were given, interested players should put their name down on this sign-up list to reserve a spot. As Sony states, the developers are looking for last minute feedback prior to the game’s launch next month.

We played an early version of LittleBigPlanet last June at E3. It was easily the best title at the show and cleverly takes advantage of the Vita’s multiple controls and social connectivity. But still, the game will likely debut with a $50 price tag, which as I previously stated, is a lot to swallow when equally immersive games can be had for dramatically less on hardware you already own.