Rolls Out True Fit Sizing For Men’s Jeans

Maybe I’m thrifty or maybe I’m just too busy to go and try on a pair of jeans in store. Either way, I know I’m not the only one. In the US alone, the apparel and footwear market is a $300 billion business with an estimated 10 percent of transactions occurring online.

But a major issue for both the consumer and retailer boils down to one thing: fit. Far too many times have I had to return all manner of wares because fit was an issue. It’s even worse when it comes to jeans. (Look how terrible little Kevin Arnold looks in those jeans.)

While the ladies have been enjoying the services of True Fit since last fall, the “fit personalization software” specialists are rolling out their patented service for guys shopping for jeans at A mix of algorithms and a “quick” three step process allows the True Fit recommendation engine to work its magic to ensure the best possible fit every time. And with any algorithm, the more you use it, the smarter it gets, says True Fit.

The only caveat as far as I can tell is that you need to know how some of the more popular brands like 7 For All Mankind or Levi’s fit your lower half. The list of brands is extensive so most will find a brand they can identify with. My brand of choice, Onassis, is unlisted, putting me in the SOL crowd.

A larger, bigger picture question remains, though. With the proliferation of technology like True Fit, when will online shopping numbers eclipse those of brick and mortar?