Leap Motion Raises $12.75 Million, Wants To Change “The Future Of Human/Computer Interaction”

Last year, stealth startup OcuSpec raised $1.3 million from Andressen Horowitz, Founders Fund, SOSventures International and a number of angel investors. Today, the company is announcing that is has raised a $12.75 million Series A round led by Highland Capital Partners with participation from its existing investors. This brings Leap Motion’s total funding to $14.55 million. It is also changing its name from OcuSpec to Leap Motion. What it isn’t announcing, though, is what its actual product will look like.

A year go, our own Alexia Tsotsis thought that OcuSpec/Leap Motion was probably working on a “poor man’s Kinect, except that it will work across any platform.” That still sounds like a pretty good guess.

All we know for sure is that the company is indeed working on motion-control software and hardware. According to the company’s CEO Michael Buckwald, Leap Motion is a solution “to the challenge of 3D motion control and motion sensing is completely unique from existing products, with tremendous implications across all aspects of computing and device interaction.” Andy Miller, a general partner at Highland Capital Partners says “Leap Motion’s founders have uniquely positioned this company to make the next giant leap forward in computing.”