Job You Got Leaves You So Uninspired? Apply For The Latest New Jersey Accelerator, TechLaunch

Not many people think much good can come from New Jersey. Sure there’s the Shore and Boardwalk Empire, but for the most part it’s “bridge and tunnel” this and Snooki that. Well that’s all supposed to change thanks to TechLaunch, a new accelerator based at Montclair State University.

Noted New Jersey angel Mario Casabona founded the accelerator as a way to keep high-tech from hitting Wall Street or DUMBO. A group of 12 companies will get $20,000 during an intense 12-week program with a number of local mentors including Chris Ackermann of Facebook and Michel M. Bitritto of the NJ Meadowlands Commission Business Accelerator.

The company is accepting applications for its first round now and they encourage anyone to apply, even folks further along the turnpike.

I talked to executive director Travis Kahn about running businesses and keeping businesses in Jersey and whether if down on the shore everything is alright. You can apply here and, potentially, take your baby to the carnival and take her on the all the rides. Either way, it’s a win.