Color Partners With Verizon To Bring Livestreaming Audio and Video to iPhone, Android

After a disastrous launch and a not-so stellar pivot, Color may finally have found its stride and a rather large core user base. Today, Color and Verizon Wireless have entered a three year deal to bring live streaming video and audio to its fleet of 4G LTE smartphones, including all compatible Android devices and even the iPhone.

Audio streaming will be exclusive to Verizon’s 4G LTE devices. Video frame rate has also been doubled for higher quality streams. The majority of all upcoming 4G LTE Android smartphones will ship with Color pre-loaded. Verizon iPhone users have the choice to download or update the Color app straight from the App Store beginning today.

What’s really interesting about this partnership is that the Color app will ostensibly be living in the cloud for Verizon users. If Color were to extend the 30-second livestream to 35 seconds, for example, users won’t be forced to update the app to unlock that new feature.

Color is also in talks with to integrate certain Color APIs to aid first responders, I’m told.

But this is only the beginning for Color’s “visual tweets,” says Bill Nguyen, CEO and co-founder of Color. “In the future, video will be livestreamed in HD, you won’t have to record videos anymore and our partnership with Verizon will help us get there even faster.”

We’ll have more on what Nguyen hopes to accomplish with Color for the future in an upcoming story.

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