The Avengers Sets New Mobile Sales Record For Fandango

The Avengers can add another record to its tally — it represents the most opening weekend tickets sold in Fandango history, and a new record for mobile ticket sales.

Fandango didn’t share the exact number of sales, but it did say that The Avengers beat the previous record holder, The Hunger Games, and that it also set a new record for hourly sales, with 68,000 tickets sold between 3 and 4 pm Pacific time on Friday. (The Hunger Games sold 60,000 tickets in its fastest-selling hour.)

Now, those numbers may just be a reflection of The Avengers‘ general success (if you have the biggest domestic opening weekend ever, then you’re probably going to be the biggest on Fandango), so more interesting is the fact that the movie also set a record for mobile sales as a percentage of overall sales — 42 percent of Sunday’s ticket sales. (In comparison, the previous record holder was The Vow, which sold 26 percent of its tickets via mobile over its opening weekend.)

“Our record-setting mobile sales affirm that mobile has clearly transitioned from just an alternative way to buy tickets to a primary choice for many weekend moviegoers,” said executive vice president and general manager Rick Butler in a press release.

As of today, The Avengers still accounts for 94 percent of tickets sold on the site, Fandango says.