The MB&F HM3 Goes To The Moon

No self-respecting gadget lover can deny that MB&F’s very high-end artistic wrist machines are overall cool. Most of us can’t afford them, but items like this certain stir our ambitious sides. Recently MB&F released a new limited version of their Horological Machine Number 3 (HM3) watch that was designed and produced in collaboration with a boutique Finnish watch maker named Stepan Sarpaneva. This isn’t the first time that MB&F (Max Busser & Friends) has collaborated with artists and watch makers on even more limited editions of their already limited watches.

Based on a limited edition version of the HM3 called “The Frog,” (due to the eye-like hour and minute indicator domes), the MoonMachine watch incorporates Sarpaneva’s iconic grimacing moon face (you can hear more about Sarpaneva here) which he uses for his moon phase indicators. The replaced the date disc and can be seen through an open sapphire crystal window over a spinning automatic rotor which powers the mechanical movement. MB&F watches are purposefully avant garde, and for the right people are a blast to wear. There will be three versions of the HM3 MoonMachine watch with each being limited to just 18 pieces. Price is $98,000 each, but they’re small so you should pick up two.