Spotify Crop Circle Appears Near Stonehenge

Aliens are streaming our music! A crop circle bearing a striking resemblance to the Spotify logo has appeared in Wiltshire, England near Stonehenge. The Swedish startup denies having anything to do with the formation pressed into a canola seed field.

Sirius XM satellite radio must feel a little jealous, as it’s been beaming music into space for years. Hopefully the extraterrestrials like to party, as Fun.’s drunken anthem “We Are Young” has been topping the Spotify charts for weeks. Otherwise, we may need to assemble Will Smith and others with experience fighting aliens.

The crop circle appeared on April 28th, according to the Wiltshire Times,¬†who didn’t recognize the similarity. Mayyybe it was just a form of graffiti trampled into the fields by some locals. Spotify doesn’t even broadcast into space since it’s a completely terrestrial data-based music service, and the lines in the crop circle aren’t identical to the logo. But the truth is out there. You just have to listen for it.