Meet Our TC NYC Meet-Up Volunteers

This is important, so listen up.

The people I’m about to describe are the most awesome of all the awesome people as they have volunteered to help out (free of charge) with our massive meet-up here in NYC next week. It’ll be amazing.

Let me paint you a little word picture: Imagine a sweet girl named Gail welcoming you to Bar 13 with a few drink tickets. As you walk up the stairs, you find two floors and a roof deck filled with guys in jeans, startup t-shirts and blazers. They graze the room like a herd of lean, brilliant cattle in search of the nearest TC editor and/or VC, beers in hands. (They aren’t real cows, so they can hold beers.)

From the dark corner on the second floor, a girl named Zhila appears. She’s holding a box of pizza, offering it up freely to hundreds of hungry hands as she gracefully crosses the room. Meanwhile, Nathaniel and David (more badass volunteers) are re-hanging our sponsor banner after a giveaway kerfuffle brought it to the ground.

A floor above, John Biggs is firing Nerf discs into the crowd out of sheer jadedness, as I sing Cher’s “Turn Back Time” at the top of my lungs courtesy of our sponsor TouchTunes’ Virtuo karaoke machine. On the other side of the room, Matt Burns and Chris Velazco are posing for a photostrip in our TC-flavored photo booth, as volunteer Kevin (at a hearty 6’2″) keeps a rowdy group of developers from accosting Peter Ha.

Honestly, how can you resist a night like this?

You can’t.

So get yourself familiar with our volunteers:

David Sikorski

Besides trying to find a way to directly download his thoughts to be stored in a cloud based network, David still has the AOL dial up sound haunting him from time to time. He spent the last couple years in Public Relations before returning to what he knows best as a Social Media Advisor throughout the Northeast ranging from Forbes top 100 companies to local non-for-profit groups. He was just very recently scooped up by the former CTO of Sony Corp America, the legendary Philip Wiser to be his right hand man and project manager as he moved to New York to be the first ever Chief Technology Officer of the Hearst Corporation. “We’re in a Digital Revolution, it’s never too late to join in the fun!”

Gail Axelrod

Gail works on marketing at BetterCloud, an NYC-based application developer that builds security and management tools specifically integrated with Google Apps. She’s also incredibly funny, and gluten intolerant (so it’s all work and no pizza and beer for her).

Kevin McIntyre

Kevin is a large nerd-jock who not only excels as a computer science student but also at lifting things. He’s interested in all things technology; particularly software and web development. He enjoys competition and good humor. If he’s not learning something, He’s bored. He doesn’t like to be bored. Start-up culture intrigues Him. If the right opportunity comes his way, he’d love to work at one; be it as an intern while he completes his degree or as an engineer after he graduates.

Nathaniel Padgett

He’s from the San Francisco Bay Area, previously worked at Google on the Google Apps team, but is now a Community Ambassador for Quirky Inc. He loves craft beer, collaborative product development, and kittens. Little known fact about him: He’s a master eye-brow dancer.

Zhila Shariat

Zhila is a Columbia Business School MBA graduate who lives in Brooklyn. She currently works for Constellation Energy, where she manages the electricity pricing desk for the New York and New Jersey markets. Outside of work, you can find her recording dj mixes, interviewing comedians for the serial optimist, posting Instagram photos, or making homemade donuts.

Full disclosure: I realize that all five of our volunteers are particularly beautiful people. I promise, however, that I was unaware of their attractiveness until after they were selected.
Here’s a refresh on the deets:

You can RSVP on our PlanCast page for the Meet-Up, which will go down on Tuesday, May 8 from 6pm-10pm at Bar 13 on 13th St. and University Pl.

And another look at our sponsors:

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