Want A Free Desk In SF? i/o Ventures Is Offering Space For Three Startups

I don’t want to become the publicity arm for every tech organization throwing a contest or giveaway, but once in a while, something comes along that seems like a perfect fit for TechCrunch readers. For example: i/o Ventures, the co-working space and startup incubator based in the Mission District (that’s San Francisco’s best neighborhood, for those of you not in the know), is offering free desk space to three startups.

If you’re interested, it’s pretty easy to apply. Just email desks@ventures.io with a description of your product or company, follow @bragiel (that’s i/o partner and Lefora co-founder Paul Bragiel’s account) and @io on Twitter, then watch out for a few promotional tweets from those accounts that you’ll need to retweet. After that, Bragiel and his team will choose three companies who get free desks in i/o Ventures for a month.

Here’s how Bragiel explains the contest in a blog post:

Co-working spaces are solving the supply and demand issue for startup space. Desk space is purchased for a monthly fee with access to meeting and conference rooms. As startups become more and more lean, these spaces are a great option.

i/o Ventures is making co-working space even more attractive to entrepreneurs; we’re giving it away for free! We are offering three startups free desk space for an entire month. Yep, no strings attached.

i/o Ventures is run by Bragiel, Aber Whitcomb (former CTO of MySpace), Ashwin Navin (co-founder of Flingo), and Dan Bragiel.