Rdio Does A Super Weird Stealth Launch In The UK And France

Rdio has launched in the UK and France with a 7-day free trial of unlimited listening. Rdio hasn’t officially announced this, but it’s working. You can sign up for a free trial and stream.

The cost is £4.99 a month in the UK for web-only streaming, and £9.99 a month for unlimited streaming and mobile access. This is comparable with Spotify’s pricing.

The weird thing about this ‘launch’ is that usually a company would trumpet a launch in these significant, major European markets. Hell, what does it take to issue a press release?

Someone at Rdio needs to get on the clue train because just opening up like this without telling anyone is super weird.

We’ve put in a call to investors Atomico to see what on earth Rdio is thinking.

Update: An Rdio spokesperson issued this statement:

“We’ve been struck by how much interest we’ve had from people in the UK wanting to try out the Rdio experience. Because of that demand we’ve decided to turn the service on here quickly and give everyone the opportunity to sign up for Rdio. We have lots of exciting plans for the UK and we’ll be sharing more information very soon. In addition to the UK, we also turned on Rdio in France, meaning Rdio is now available in 11 countries, with more additions coming throughout 2012.”