Elderly-Monitoring System BeClose Upgrades UI, Allows Caregivers To See The Big Picture

BeClose is a small but interesting start-up in Tysons Corner, Virginia. They make home monitoring systems for the elderly, allowing them to stay at home even when they may be fragile or lack motility. The system consists of a number of motion sensors as well as a weight pad (to see when they’re sleeping) and a panic button that notifies the authorities and kin if there’s something wrong.

The new update to the UI creates a dashboard experience for caregivers. They can see, at a glance, sleep patterns, movement, and even weight. If something is amiss – like they’re not getting out of bed after a certain time or whether they’re leaving the house too little or too much – you can either call in to see what’s up or go visit. Anyway, would it kill you to maybe go visit your mother? Hmm?

The system is completely wireless and it can even send alerts when your parent does something in the house, including open the refrigerator door. The package starts at $299 and includes a base station and three sensors. The service costs $49 a month an includes 24/7 monitoring. Some cities in Canada already offer it as a free, insurance-funded benefit to their elderly, reducing the need to bring in a dedicated caregiver.

Although nothing is as good as hanging out with Meemaw on the couch while she sucks the chocolate off of her Goobers and watches her stories, BeClose aims to be the next best thing.

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