Seesmic: We’re “Passing The Torch” To DoubleDutch On CRM

It looks like always-pivoting Seesmic is wrapping up off its latest shift, from the CRM business to social posting apps.

Back in March, the company laid off half its staff to pursue the new direction (which is really a return to one of its old strategies), but there weren’t many details about the transition. Today, Seesmic announced that it has reached an agreement with enterprise startup DoubleDutch: “As we won’t be supporting Seesmic CRM going forward, we are thrilled that DoubleDutch will be proposing its great mobile CRM solution to the users and companies we have been working with on Seesmic CRM over the past few months.”

It sounds like there won’t be any official integration or takeover of the Seesmic CRM product. Instead, this is more like a “passing of the torch,” as Seesmic describes it, so that Seesmic customers don’t feel entirely abandoned. Like Seesmic, DoubleDutch’s Hive product is designed for mobile, and the company says it’s being used by more than 200 customers.

And if you’re a Seesmic customer who’s worried about getting burned again if DoubleDutch goes out of business or pivots, well, that’s a risk. But at least DoubleDutch has some fresh capital.