Salesforce Acquires YC-Backed Collaborative Text Editor Stypi

It looks like the team from Y Combinator-backed Stypi is heading to Salesforce, according to this blog post. UPDATE: We’ve confirmed that Salesforce has acquired Stypi. Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

As we reported last year, Stypi develops a lightweight, real-time collaborative text editor. It’s similar in many ways to fellow YC alum Etherpad, which was acquired by Google. You can create documents in Stypi and edit it just as you would any other document, and you can invite new collaborators simply by sending them the URL.

The editor includes key features like a Playback mode, which will let you review how a document came to be, character by character. Stypi also integrated support for some programmer-friendly features, like syntax highlighting.

Stypi’s founders write that they will be working on “collaboration solutions” at Salesforce. Stypi will remain live, and users will have access to the service, says the startup.

We know that Salesforce has been ramping up social and collaboration in all of its products so an an actual acquisition makes sense for the company. It’s unclear yet how and if Stypi’s technology will be incorporated into Salesforce’s product offerings.