TechCrunch/Gadget Weekly: Kids And Technology, Can A New Keyboard Save RIM

The TechCrunch/Gadget Weekly is back with several new faces. Jordan and Chris join John and I for our first TC/G webcast in several months. In this week’s episode we discuss our recent trip to RIM’s Waterloo’s HQ and also the perils of kids and interacting with seamless technology.

The latter topic hits close to home as John and I both have young children that are surrounded by the latest gadgets. As we discuss, I recently threw my son a science-themed birthday party (this Mentos volcano was the highlight) and John just gave his son an Android tab. But somewhere along the line, I state sooner than later, it’s beneficial to start introducing children to coding, and the inner workings and the Raspberry Pi is perfect for this task.

Jordan and Chris just got back from a few days at RIM’s Waterloo HQ where they got a close look at not only the BB 10 hardware but also the corporate culture. In short, they weren’t impressed with either. However, the rethought BlackBerry 10 touchscreen keyboard was a hit with Chris. However, can that alone save RIM and the BlackBerry?