Did Scalado Invent RIM’s Time-Defying BB10 Camera Tech?

Remember that retro time-defying camera app that RIM unveiled alongside a few other BB10 features? You should — it happened this morning.

Well, it would seem that the ability to search back through frames captured before the actual moment you pushed the shutter button has already been done. Nope, not by Apple. Not by Motorola, HTC, Samsung, or Nokia either.

It’s been done by Scalado, an imaging technology company known for their Remove and Rewind tech, among other things.

The tech in question is the latter: Rewind. It’s basically identical to the capabilities and features we’re seeing on RIM’s new camera app.


BB10 Camera app:

Scalado Rewind:

Strikingly similar, no?

Scalado often licenses its truly badass technologies straight to manufacturers rather than offering them up on the Google Play Store or App Store direct to consumers. But RIM, Thorsten, nor Vivek made any mention of Scalado during the keynote.

It’s a curious situation, to be sure, and we’ve reached out to RIM for a little clarification. We’ll update when we know more.

Thanks to our sister site Engadget for the image!

[via GreenLimeShake]