Test Driving GAIN Fitness, The App That Turns Your iPhone Into A Personal Trainer [TCTV]

Summer is on its way, and self-improvement is on everyone’s minds — it seems like each day I hear about a new must-have app focused on fitness, health, nutrition, or the “quantified self” in general. And now that the tech startup scene is hotter than ever, many of these apps are backed by serious investors and have big plans for the future.

Take GAIN Fitness. The San Francisco-based company, headed up by former college athlete and ex-Googler Nick Gammell, makes web and mobile apps that provide personalized workout routines and track users’ progress as they go through them. GAIN Fitness has raised just under $1 million in seed funding from investors including Keith Rabois, Ben Ling and InterWest Partners.

It sounds solid on paper, but with all the options out there we wanted to look a bit closer at the company and its product. So we met up with Gammell at the Diakadi gym in downtown San Francisco to talk to him about GAIN Fitness and test drive the app ourselves. CEO interview, app demo, and workout = three birds, one stone.

We also got a sneak peek at the app’s next new feature, coming in late May, which will allow individual personal trainers to build their own branded workouts on top of the GAIN platform. Personal trainer Nate Miyaki dropped in on the interview as well, since he will be the first trainer with his own program on the app.

Watch the video above to see Gammell talk about why he started GAIN, hear how his startup plans to compete against giants such as Nike in the fitness space, and watch my incredibly awkward workout moves. They’re seriously embarrassing, but hey, these are just the kinds of sacrifices TechCrunch reporters make to bring vital knowledge to our dear readers.

And since I could clearly stand to brush up on my fitness skills, we may be looking to do these more often. If you know of a workout, health, or quantified self app that you’d like to see get a TCTV test drive, please drop us a line at onair@beta.techcrunch.com.