Lane Becker On How To ‘Plan Serendipity’ In Tech And Business [TCTV]

Lane Becker has been a familiar figure in the Silicon Valley tech scene for years, as the co-founder of startups such as Adaptive Path and Get Satisfaction, an advisor at early-stage venture capital firm Freestyle Capital, and a generally good guy to know.

Yesterday, Becker added “New York Times Bestselling Author” to his list of descriptors, when the book “Get Lucky: How to Put Planned Serendipity to Work for You and Your Business” which he wrote with his Get Satisfaction co-founder Thor Muller debuted at the number six spot on the NYT’s best seller list for hardcover advice and miscellaneous books (which is generally where business books are ranked.) It is also holding the number three spot on the Wall Street Journal’s hardcover business best seller list.

So we were very pleased to have Lane Becker drop by the TechCrunch TV studio this week for an interview. Watch the video above to hear about what “planned serendipity” really is (you can’t plan to win the lottery, alas), how Steve Jobs literally architected good luck into Pixar and Apple, how luck plays into Amazon’s current status as a tech product hit factory, and how even rank-and-file employees can “storm the gates” to make their companies more open to success.

Want more “Get Lucky” stuff? Becker’s co-author Muller wrote a guest post for TechCrunch which you can find right here.