Over A Year Since Launch, The Mac App Store Passes 10,000 App Milestone

Apple’s iOS App Store always seems to outshine its computer-based counterpart, but it seems the company’s Mac App Store has just hit a big milestone of its own. With the help of some timely database queries, French blog MacGeneration reported earlier today that Apple’s Mac App Store now plays host to over 10,000 applications.

A quick check with iOS and Mac app directory AppShopper homes in a bit more — at time of writing, they count 10,334 listed apps in the Mac App Store. The Mac App Store, for those of you who don’t make it a point to remember minutia like this, launched back in January 2011 with just over 1,000 apps available for download.

That breaks down to roughly 9,000 apps added during the last 15 months. For bit of comparison, a press release issued just a few weeks after the Mac App Store’s launch pointed to “over 350,000 available apps” to iOS users, a number that has since ballooned to over 550,000 in recent months.

Alright, so it’s not really a fair comparison — save for the legions of devoted jailbreakers out there, the iOS App Store is the only place for iPhone, iPod, and iPad users to get their fix of third-party software. That limitation doesn’t exist for Mac users, and while Apple makes their suite of first-party apps like iWork and iLife available through the Mac App Store, Mac jockeys have plenty of developer and product sites to score their software from. Speaking personally, I can’t remember the last time I fired up the Mac App Store, though I do recall downloading this excellent Google Voice app.

Maybe that’s why there hasn’t been so much as a peep from Cupertino on crossing the 10,000 Mac app threshold: it doesn’t have the same wow factor as other Apple announcements. After all, Apple is no stranger to crowing about app-related achievements — they announced late last year that the Mac App Store had hit 100 million downloads (which didn’t even include downloads of their OS X Lion update).

[via MacRumors]