Sincerely Ink Launches In-App “Giving” Program, Lets You Send Cards With Charitable Donations

Sincerely is on a roll. The startup behind a ton of photo-printing and greeting card mobile apps, including PostagramPopBoothSincerely Ink and Dotti, just launched the underpinnings its photo sharing network earlier this month with the debut of “Sincerely Magic,” and today, the company is launching its first-ever partnership with non-profits in a program called “Sincerely Giving.”

If you’re debating about which app you’re going to use to send out your Mother’s Day cards with this year (and c’mon, this is TechCrunch – I bet most of you out there have forgotten how to write legibly using a pen and paper), Sincerely is making the choice easier. With the new program, the majority of the profits from select cards in its Sincerely Ink app will be donated to various non-profits, including the National Breast Cancer FoundationbuildOn, and Thirst Relief International.

To support the above organizations, you’ll need to update or install the Sincerely Ink app, which, for those of you unfamiliar, is like a better version of Apple’s Cards. Then, you’ll pick out the selected cards designed by the charity you want to support. (Look for the category “Giving” – each charity has its own section). There are 25+ designs to choose from. Also, although the launch is being kicked off in time for Mother’s Day, the cards will be available across all occasions.

Although pricier than your typical e-greeting cards (cards are sold for $10 to $20), the idea is that you’re making a donation, not just buying a card. Your donation is the virtual gift you’re sending in lieu of flowers or chocolates, for example. At least 70% of the proceeds from the sales of these cards goes to the charity in question.

The cards also inform the recipient of the donation, noting on the back the amount and what the donation provides. For instance, with a gift to Thirst Relief, it says that one card provides a person with safe drinking water for 25 years.

I mean, really, even if not for Mother’s Day, you should probably find a reason to send one of these things.

Sincerely Giving’s launch marks what may be the first of many moves into the gifting space for the startup. Sincerely’s CEO Matt Brezina previously told us they’re working to build a real gifting company, which leaves room for them to move into sending out other things like gift cards, flowers or photo-printed items, perhaps, in the future.

Sincerely Giving is live now via Sincerely Ink in the App Store.