A MicroReview Of The Fantastic $9.99 MicroStylus

This just might be the best stylus ever made. I’m completely serious. The problem with most styli is that there is never one around when needed. Besides that, the pen form factor is often not conducive for use on a small screen. But the MicroStylus, well, it’s so tiny yet functional that it’s perfect for the task. Plus it’s only $9.99 and stores neatly in a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The company sent me a pair to test but there’s not much to say. It works well. You simply grasp the stick like you would a pen. A soft touch capacitive silicon tip screws into the a milled aluminum body. It’s not as accurate as a pencil on paper but your Draw Something doodles will look fantastic.

The MicroStylus isn’t going to completely disrupt the stylus space. This little guy is the perfect casual use stylus for a mobile person. Sit at a desk all day? Get yourself an Adonit Jot stylus. They start at $20 and are fantastically precise. But if you find yourself needing a stylus on the go for note taking or gaming, the MicroStylus is perfect for the task.

The MicroStylus is available in black or silver and $9.99 buys you one while two can be had for $15 at MicroStylus.com.