Google’s Latest TV Ad: How Chrome Can Help You Get Your Ex Back

Do you hate how things ended between you and your ex and are you still trying to get him/her back? Google apparently knows what that feels like and wants you to use Chrome to set things right. Or at least, that’s what it looks like judging from Google’s latest TV commercial for Chrome, which debuted last night.

In this latest ad, Mark ( is trying hard to get his ex Jen to go out for coffee with him because he still hates “how things ended” (why they broke up, the ad sadly never tells us). To woo his ex back (or at least convince her to go out for coffee with him), Mark then uses a steady stream of Google Docs spreadsheets, Picasa photos and YouTube videos to make his point.


Google has also released a steady stream of ads for Chrome, Google+ and its other products over the last year or so. Some of them try hard to tug on people’s heartstrings while others feature celebrities like Lady Gaga. Just last December, Google also launched two commercials for Google+ with the Muppets.

What most of these ads have in common, though, is that they don’t focus on technology so much, but what that technology can do for its users. No doubt, that’s a pretty effective advertising technique. Whether Chrome and Google can help you get your ex back, though, is a different question. The ad sadly doesn’t tell us Jen’s response.