Dropbox’s Drew Houston Weighs In (Briefly) On Google Drive

At the end of Dropbox’s “Hey, we have a huge new office!” event today in San Francisco, some reporters cornered CEO Drew Houston and asked him about the big cloud news of the week — the launch of Dropbox competitor Google Drive.

Initially, Houston said he didn’t have time to really comment, because he had to catch a flight (which almost sounds like an excuse to duck the question, but the Dropbox folks had actually mentioned the flight earlier). When pressed, he pointed out that there have been rumors about Google Drive since the beginning of time: “It’s been on the horizon since we founded the company.”

Okay, but what did he think of the product itself? Did it measure up to his expectations? Houston replied that it was “kind of hard to know what to expect from them.” The bottom line however, is, “I still feel really good about the stuff we’re building.”

So, nothing too surprising. Frederic Lardinois actually offered his own take on what this means for Dropbox, though really, my favorite comment on the matter came earlier from Houston on Twitter: “In other news, @Dropbox is launching a search engine. :)”