iCloud Has Over 125 Million Users, Says Apple CFO Oppenheimer

Well, that was fast. Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer just announced on Apple’s Q2 2012 earnings call that the company’s iCloud service has attracted 125 million users in the roughly six months since the service launched.

It seems like just yesterday that Oppenheimer revealed that the service had 85 million users, and the service’s subscriber base continues to grow at a seemingly steady pace.

As The Next Web notes, Apple CEO Tim Cook also revealed just two months ago that the service had hit 100 million users — that breaks down to an average of over 13 million new iCloud users since January.

That growth probably has something to do with the scores of Apple devices that the company has sold between January and now. Apple reports that they’ve sold a total of 35.1 million iPhones and just shy of 12 million iPads, and while those numbers are down thanks to the downright ridiculousness of their performance in Q1, it’s still indicative of a hell of a quarter.

Sadly, Oppenheimer made no mention of how many of those millions of iCloud users are actually paying customers, as opposed to people simply taking advantage of the free 5GB of storage at their disposal.

Still, Apple will find no shortage of competition in the cloud going forward — incumbents like SkyDrive and Dropbox aside, Google’s own newly-revealed Drive service may give iCloud a run for its money down the line. Though Google Drive hasn’t yet found a foothold in iOS (they have currently have clients ready for Windows, OS X, and Android), Google’s clout and ties with manufacturers may make theirs the mobile cloud suite to beat.